We are ecstatic that you've decided to lend a helping hand.

  1. Cash Donations

    Open Doors Account numbers:

    1. Naira Account:
      •   Bank Name: Zenith
      •   Account Name: Open Doors for Special Learners
      •   Account Number: 1010256496 (Naira)

    2. To send Dollars:
      •   Zelle Account Name: Edmond Umolu
      •   Phone Number: +176052161186

    3. Pound/ Euros Account:
      •   Bank Name: Zenith
      •   Account Name: Open Doors for Special Learners
      •   Account Number: 5000021024 (Pounds/Euros)
  2. Sponsor a Needy Child

    We often encounter families who bring their Special Needs child to Open Doors but are unable to meet up with the expenses involved sothe child's desperate need for our Special Education services cannot be adequately met. Knowing the child really needs our help, we find it very difficult to refuse to admit the child. Hence you can help us serve such families by sponsoring a child. You can do that by adopting a specific child and pay either all or part of that child’s termly expenses. You can as well be responsible only for paying for the child’s physiotherapy or transport expenses.
  3. Donations in Kind

      Would you like to assist Open Doors to serve special needs children even better? Here some important needs:
    • Laptops and tablets for our classrooms.
    • Wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy.
    • Books for our library.

  4. Here are some things that may appear small, but they can make a big impact:

    • Detergent.
    • Printer paper.
    • Disposable daipers
    • Toilet tissue.
  5. Volunteer

    There are numerous ways a volunteer can help in the Centre. We can always use a helping hand in a classroom or in the physiotherapy clinic. Or would you like to help out with music, dance, sports and drama, cookery or other vocational activity?
  6. We welcome donations either for specified needs or for us to use at our discretion. We will always send a receipt along with a photograph showing how your donation was used. Here are a few of our projects that we need funds for:
    • You can help us secure our Centre with funds to raise our wall. Here is what our outside wall looks like now. As these pictures show, our wall is not high enough to prevent thieves and goats from climbing over it.
    • We need to replace the ceiling boards that have been damaged by water leakage .
    • We need funds totar the road leading to the Centre.